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DataFaucet ORM Issue: Binary columns not saving data during insert/update

Name: Binary columns not saving data during insert/update
ID: 10
Project: DataFaucet ORM
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Samuel Isaac Dealey
Created: 02/06/09 11:10 AM
Updated: 02/06/09 11:10 AM
Description: Tobias reports that a column type of binary large object (BLOB) in MySQL results in no data being saved to the database in that column when using a known binary value in an insert statement object. It is currently unknown if this issue affects all database platforms or is limited to MySQL.

This is the test code:

logo = ImageNew("", 10, 10, "rgb", "255,10,10");
inputData = {id = createUUID(), logo = ImageGetBlob(logo) };
rslt = ds.insert("customer", inputData);
History: Created by ike (Isaac Dealey) : 02/06/09 11:10 AM

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