Seeking a New Home for the DataFaucet framework website

Hi guys.

A while ago, Brian Meloche turned me on to the folks at (now because they were helping out in the community with some free accounts for hosting open-source projects and they agreed to set me up a free account for the onTap framework. I then put the DataFaucet site on that same account... apparently something happened (I'm not real sure what) and the account was closed a few months ago. I suspect it was a clerical issue, because I never got a notification about it being closed (although I did get a bill that I was told by their support staff to ignore).

This is by no means a complaint about - I was actually very happy with them in general and would definitely recommend them in the future.

This does however change things for me a bit and I'd like to see if I can find a place to home those open-source project sites where I'd have a more one-on-one kind of relationship with whoever is hosting them. So if any of you have some extra space where I could set up these sites (and the AutLabs project site -- creating jobs for people with Autism and Asperger Syndrome), I'd be mighty grateful. :D

All three of them are low-traffic sites, so they shouldn't have much impact on your server.

Here are the RIAForge Projects for them:

And at some point I may also want to get domains and create official project sites for CacheBox and FreeAgent, but probably not right away.

Thanks! :D

Darren's Gravatar Hi. So I just scraped down your pages via Google's cache, because I wanted the API docs. But do you think you could bundle the API pages in with the Datafaucet download on Riaforge? It would be nice to have them included. Thanks!
# Posted By Darren | 1/14/11 4:10 PM
ike's Gravatar Documentation for the DataFaucet ORM is in the zip archive in the "samples" directory. Sorry for the confusion. :)
# Posted By ike | 1/15/11 7:58 PM
online printing's Gravatar The idea behind Don't Repeat Yourself is fairly similar. If you've written code for a particular behavior already, you shouldn't have to write it again. Also, avoid copy-and-paste at all costs.

I also avoid development techniques that involve code-generators as I personally find them to be an easy way to create more code to maintain and thereby more maintenance headaches.

Your mileage may vary.

My preferred language is ColdFusion. The frameworks I prefer are the onTap MVC++ framework and the DataFaucet ORM.
# Posted By online printing | 8/22/11 1:12 AM
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