DataFaucet and ColdFusion 9

Thanks to Ryan McIlmoyl (I hope I spelled that correctly), for a heads up about an issue with ColdFusion 9. I was unaware that CF9 added a "local" scope and many of the functions in the DataFaucet ORM framework used a var'ed structure to store temp variables, which obviously conflicted with the new scope. And not just DataFaucet, but there were literally 3.5-thousand references to "local" in the onTap framework as well (including plenty of false-positives).

I'd like to think that every upgrade will be as seamless as the upgrade from CF7 to CF8, where I didn't have to do anything (that I remember), but that's not the case. This isn't the first time I've had this issue. I remember around the time that Macromedia released ColdFusion MX I had to do a lot of work for a similar issue. I think it was the "this" scope, where not just myself, but a number of other developers also had structures named "this" in their code for CF5 and previous versions.

So a day and a half later I'm polishing off the update for the onTap framework and now getting around to uploading new copies of all the archives. Ryan tells me that his tests run well with the new code on CF9. I haven't installed CF9 to test anything with it yet, so I'm testing it all in CF8 and taking his word for it. :) Anyway if you've installed CF9 or are planning to install CF9 there's a new zip archive on RIAForge.


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